Open Hours in the Print Lab

Open Hours has been established in response to Milwaukee’s tireless community of artists and designers who need a place to print everything from posters and shirts to stickers, bottles, guitars, and skate decks. It is also a chance for those with an interest in printmaking to explore at their own pace with the guidance of a lab tech/graphic designer.

Our goal is to provide an environment that encourages artistic exploration and entrepreneurship through access to professional equipment and staff. We offer hands-on training through classes and workshops, as well as customized programming for schools, educators, and area businesses.

Booking and Registration
Online at or by calling 414.765.8625.

We highly recommend registering in advance so we can plan on having adequate staff to assist (and possibly open up the following Sunday). At this time all equipment is on a first come first serve basis. We ask that you respect the needs of others in the lab (if you need to print 100 shirts maybe take a break so someone else can use the press). Bring your receipt up to the lab for admission!

Admission and Supplies
View full rate sheet here:

Day pass: $22
Includes one prepared screen, one transparency film (first design/color, any size up to 24″ wide), unlimited use of one color of ink and Mac Pros with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator CS5

Ink: $5 per color (unlimited use per day, any type of ink)
Prepared screens: $10 each (Ulano TZ dual cure emulsion)
Inkjet transparency film: $3 each (printed, 21″x24″)
Reclaming/cleanup fee: $5 (if screen is not reclaimed after use, or if ink is left in screen)
Photo printing: $5 per 1ft (24″ wide roll)
Paper: $1 each (cover weight French paper, limited amounts in various colors and sizes)
T-shirts: $3 each (various brands, limited amounts in colors, and sizes)

What you have access to
Open hours guests have access to all screen printing equipment, Apple Mac Pros (Early 2012) with CS5 Production Premium and Waycom drawing tablets, and Epson 7800 Pro large format photo printer (staff operated). Certain things like our cylindrical/pad printer and auto press require more assistance than others, aka based on lab tech availability.



I have this drawing I want to print on a shirt. Can you help? And how much will this cost?

Our lab tech can scan the drawing into Photoshop for refining and print it on transparency film. Then we can burn the image on a screen for screen printing. Did you bring shirts? If not we have various sizes and colors on hand for purchase. Your $22 day pass includes one prepared screen, one transparency film (first design/color, any size up to 24″ wide), and unlimited use of one color of ink.


I don’t know how many colors/screens/shirts I will need. How do I purchase supplies?

A lab tech will help you plan your project and fill out a supplies sheet. You then can pay with cash or credit in our gift shop.


Can I just use the Mac Pros for design work/photo editing/iMovie/drawing tablets/to work on a website?

Yes! We have 15 Mac Pros, and the day pass lets you use them all day.


Can I bring a friend?

As long as they purchase a day pass they are welcome to attend. We have limited capacity in the lab and try to ensure that everyone fits comfortably.


Can I bring my own ink/screen/film?

Certainly. This is a good option if you plan on printing often and with multiple colors. If you bring your own screen you will only be charged the $5 reclaiming fee (to cover emulsion and cleanup/reclaiming chemical use).


Can I store my screen here? Can I take home one of the lab screens?

We have limited space and a high turnover of screens, so all screen must be reclaimed at the end of each session. Print Lab screens must stay in the Print Lab so we can use them for the various classes, workshops, and projects that happen during the week.


I have a group/class/company that wants to learn more about screen printing. Do you offer group rates?

We are happy to put together a custom workshop or arrange a private Open Hours session. Email for more info.


Where is the Print lab in Discovery World?

We are located on the 2nd floor of the Technology Building next to the Les Paul House of Sound. Make sure to stop by the front desk to register!


Where should I park?

Discovery World has an underground parking garage. Tell the front desk that you are here for Open Hours and they will give you a $7 “event rate” pass ($5 for Discovery World members). Parking downtown on the lakefront can be difficult/expensive, so this is probably your best bet.


What happens if I cannot finish my print by the end of Open Hours?

This happens, we understand. Screen printing takes a lot of time! It may be possible to come in on the next day, but dont plan on it (subject to lab tech availability). If we see a large number registered we may plan on some overflow into Sunday, but your best bet is to get here right at the start of Open Hours.


What happens if someone is using the shirt press all day?

Equipment is on a first come first serve basis. We ask that if you have a large run to print that you take breaks to let others use the equipment. If you get here later in the session and someone is using the piece of equipment you wanted to use we will honor your day pass at the next session.


Can you just print this design for me?

The Print Lab is a DIY space (we think its more fun to make things yourself). Our lab techs will be quite happy to help you get set up, but get ready to throw on an apron and roll up your sleeves!

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