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Heres 7 Reasons Why Mums Should Take Collagen

My experience with Secret Labs Collagen - it works! - By Jenny Marsh

Motherhood doesn’t always look like a celebrity maternity photo shoot. Your hair is rarely done, you are running on caffeine and crust leftovers, and you have stretch marks in places you didn’t even know were a part of your body. Learn why adding collagen may be the answer to your energy and skin toning needs

Midway through my pregnancy, I switched to a midwife and plunged into the world of the natural. By this point, I had already gained 15 pounds, and would gain another 20 before my son was delivered. I started to change my diet, ordered oodles of cloth diapers, read up on the evils of vaccines, but still believed good old cocoa butter would prevent stretch marks.

Fast forward to third trimester, and I had stretch marks in places I previously did not know I had, even though I literally covered my belly in cocoa butter daily. A few months after delivering, I read on a natural mommy blog about skin elasticity and health, and realized I did not properly supplement or consume a diet to prevent my new tiger-striped friends.

Now when a new mum asks me what prenatal and other supplements she should take during pregnancy, I always mention grabbing a high-quality collagen supplement. I’ve also realized how important it is for mums to be in tip-top shape, and no, I do not mean your abs. Mums are constantly using their bodies to carry heavy loads of babies and bags, stay up extra late to sew that perfect costume, and put away the fifth load of laundry that day. We are always overextending ourselves, and we need to support our bodies to be able to do all we do.

Two months into single mumming, I found my wrist constantly hurting. I mentioned it to my chiropractor, expecting her to say I must have used it wrong. But, instead, she told me I had fractured my wrist by putting too much weight on my arm just below my elbow. That may or may not have been where I carried my son’s baby bag, two food bags, and diaper bag every day. Lesson learned.

Mums, our bodies take a beating. And it’s time we took care of them, too. And maybe took care of the stretch marks.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the protein building block of all your connective tissues, including your bones, muscles, skin, hair, nails and tendons. Yes, it’s that important. It plays an important role in the replacement of dead skin, hair and nail cells. In fact, around 30% of the protein in our bodies is collagen. Collagen production declines with age, making it even more important to supplement as we age. Smoking and the over-consumption of sugar can actually hinder collagen consumption, as well.

It is no secret that pregnancy zaps our nutrients (and brain cells). If we do not have enough nutrients, our bodies will actually pull vitamins and minerals from their storehouses in our bones to give to our growing baby.

It’s important to ensure we have enough vitamins and minerals, as well as collagen, during pregnancy and postpartum. In fact, the Weston A. Price Foundation suggests that their research shows that spacing children at a minimum of three years apart ensure that the mother has adequate time to rebuild her nutritional stores. Though that’s not always possible, it lends credence to the fact that many of us do not realize how many nutrients are pulled from the mother’s body when developing a baby. The work doesn’t end there, as we nourish our babies through breastfeeding (all night long), and then chase around rambunctious toddlers for hours on end. Moms, we need to be sure our bones and joints are ready for all the work!

7 Reasons Why Every Mama Needs To Supplement Collagen

Stretch Marks

Need I say more? Collagen comes to the rescue of dead skin by aiding in repair and supplying new skin cells.

Promotes Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Collagen is the bedrock of your hair, skin and nails. After pregnancy, I noticed that my hair was not as radiant, my nails were brittle, and my skin, let’s just say no amount of coconut oil was going to make it bounce back to where it was before. Collagen is an essential protein

Improves Digestion

Collagen helps to heal and seal our gut by lining the gut and aiding in digestion of proteins and amino acids.

Strengthens Joints

Something busy mums use daily and cannot afford to injure.

Aids in Bone Repair

Contrary to popular belief, our bones are constantly regrowing and replacing dead bone cells. We need collagen to aid build new bone and repair those under pressure.

Boosts Energy and Metabolism

Glycine found in collagen delivers energy to your cells, and increases muscle production.


The glycine in collagen also helps the liver digest toxic substances. Pregnancy already puts a heavy load on the liver, and adding collagen can help your liver function a bit easier.

Marine Collagen

Collagen is a staple supplement for busy mums who want to stay in top health and keep up with their kids. But which collagen supplement should you take?

Like every supplement, your substance is only as good as its source. I recently had a vegetarian friend ask me if I knew of any marine-sourced collagen. Though I eat meat, I can totally understand the ick factor on this one from even meat eaters. Collagen is typically made from cow or other bovine bones, but there is one company which makes a high-quality marine collagen, which is made from fish. Secret Labs guarantees that its marine collagen is wild-caught, and non-GMO project verified.

Always verify that the company you purchase from is transparent about where their product is raised or caught, how it is grown, and how it is processed. If they don’t want to share the facts behind their product, there’s probably a reason. Secret Labs is honest about the quality of their supplements – and when you are talking animal bone-derived, you cannot be too careful.

How Should I Use It?

Magic Potion Liquid Collagen is an extremely convenient drink, just one quick capful is all that is needed per day the put it back in the fridge. this berry flavoured drink tastes good too, unlike others i have tried!

Magic Potion has way more Collagen than the competition with 10,000MG plus Hyaluronic Acid, Silica and tons more, its a bargain to be honest with the amount you get in the bottle!

Magic Potion is much easier to than tablets and powder and is more easily absorbed into the body than both! It is also alot tastier than Collagen Sachets

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